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Weaving with New Zealand flax

Step-by-step instructions for gathering, preparing, dyeing, and weaving
flax, and also for weaving projects such as a flax flower, wristbands,
round plaited cords, decorative stars, angels, a fantail, a belt and a
simple top edge for a basket.

Regular and one-off flax weaving workshops including dates for upcoming

An occasional online journal of thoughts and notes on flax weaving and tutoring.

Information about my books on weaving flax flowers, baskets, backpacks, boxes
and other projects and a large container including buying options.

Book reviews
Short reviews of books and videos on flax weaving, on the role of flax in Māori
culture, and on growing flax.

The history of flax use and of the word "flax", including the distinction
between NZ flax, linen flax and pandanus.

Links to websites offering flax weaving for sale online, to
websites displaying museum collections, and to tutors
and courses on flax weaving. Weaving for sale online
includes baskets and bags (kete), backpacks (pikau),
flowers (putiputi), containers, pots, wine-bottle
holders, hats, garments, jewellery, placemats,
flax art, piupiu (flax capes or skirts) and poi.